Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tick Tock....Teapots & A Clock.

Every once in a while you happen across something that you fall in love with...for me these things are usually broken, battered and old. I see broken things as a challenge to fix them....battered, as added charm and old without a doubt is better than new! 'Old' has a history, it has a past life....I realise I will probably never find out what that past life entailed but I do always wonder...I wonder if this particular thing was someones pride and joy and then the style went out of fashion so they just got rid of it...or if it broke and they didnt know how to fix it so threw it out.

A little off point but this might help you understand how I tick.
I honestly believe that 'things' have feelings. There. I have admitted it.

I'm the older version of a little girl who used to get attached to a stone because it was nearly perfectly spherical and when I lost the nearly perfectly spherical stone...I cried. Yep that's me. I am the teenager that got attached to the ugly stuffed toys that you won at the fair ground because I felt that if I didnt take them home and love them nobody else would.

I do love beautiful things....but if something is really truely hideous. I have to have it.

This point can be proven in my collection of teapots.
What kind of teapots I hear you ask? Perhaps Royal Doulton? Denby? No. Perhaps I just really LOVE tea? No. Dont drink the stuff.

My Ugly Teapot Collection
That's right. They are fruits and vegetables with faces and hands.
The little ones arent even big enough to make a cup of tea in. Totally pointless as well as ugly. 

Anyway...I digress.

I noticed this little guy at a car boot sale recently. He was sad, scuffed and broken....but that just added to the appeal. I didn't buy it at first. I just looked at it for a long while planning what I would have to do to it, and then left it there. As is usually the case when this happens...I went back to get it.

Before: Clock with shelves 

I got it home and removed the old broken clock mechandism which had only 1 hand. I sanded the wood down and gave it a couple coats of the same Farrow & Ball Tallow No.203 Emulsion thats my kitchen table and chairs are painted in.....there was no question I would be keeping it. It was not for sale.

After: Clock with shelves


  1. The clock looks lovely after your treatment. Just as a matter of pure coincidence, there is a place in Yalding, Kent aptly named Teapot Island, where there is a riverside cafe AND a teapot museum with hundreds of exhibits in varying stages of oddness and tackiness and I- want -one -of -those- ness. They have a web site and a facebook page, I was just looking at it.This blog is like deja vu x

  2. I love before and after photos. I haven't tried painting old items yet but really want to give it a go now.